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? that's how our country, our economy is strongest when a thriving, rising middle class is the engine for growth in this country. that's exactly what we want to do. when you look at sequester the impact on middle class families, what's it going to be, teachers in schools, 13,000 schools -- 13,000 teachers are going to be hit, 6,000 schools. if you look at mental health, if you look at food inspections and you've already heard the devastating list of horribles that the pentagon has said are going to be out there. so the question is, on top of all those things that you just talked about is what is the impact on the middle class? so the question the president is asking is why don't we take a step back, let's fix this in a kind of balanced way the president has proposed and the senate democrats have proposed with a reasonable amount of spending cuts and a reasonable amount of revenue raisers so that we can get this thing done and move on to the business of the country. >> but help me understand because we have a budget. this is -- look at exactly what this is. $85 billion this year out of
.5 billion from reduce procurement spending, that is a whopping $13 billion out of the metro area economy. >> it has already crippled the economy in the sense that it has stopped moving. >> even non-government workers are worried. >> it could be bad news. >> and now congress is on break and president obama spent the weekend hanging out with tiger woods. however, there are a lot of people optimistic that the white house and congress will get down to business and come up with an agreement to avert sequestration san. reporting live, abc7 news. >> thank you. stay with abc7 news for complete coverage of the countdown to sequestration. for instant updates, log onto and our social network websites on facebook and twitter. we will have much more on abc7 news at eleven o'clock. gordon? >> breaking news in prince george's county. police arrested five people in connection with the murder of a suitland high school student. detectives believe that charles "chuck" walker was gunned down four issues. brad bell has the latest. >> this is a crime that horrified the community. 15-year-old charles
a gallon. in arlington prices are not nearly that high. >> they should be going down, right? the economy is hurting right now. we cannot afford this. >> a lot of us are frustrated. aaa says the average price for regular stands at $3.74 a gallon. it is a little cheaper in virginia at $3.61. economies. the economists worry along surge in prices could hurt the economy. >> i feel like there is every excuse in the world for gas prices to go up. but one reason for the recent tax hike -- price type might be because of opec. production was cut by about 1 million barrels a day. partly in response to rising oil production and parts of the world, including the united states. >> developments in the investigation on to the carnival cruise ship disaster. the full investigation is expected to take six months. more than 4000 passengers through stranded on that ship for five days in the gulf of mexico after the triumph of power. >> a lawsuit against the university of maryland by the acc appears to be moving forward. a judge has denied a request to have a lawsuit dismissed. it was to force the university
. sequestration. a plea to congress to get something done before major spending cuts could hurt the economy by the present. -- economy. >> of these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. people will lose their jobs. >> my number gets called first. >> economists say it is more than $1 trillion in cuts that did take a fax, it could result in a 750,000 jobs lost. >> thank you. tonight, why the company says it was the target of a crime. a bigger problem affecting most of us. also -- >> those are the pages of history. we will tell you how they do it. i'i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for o. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small. >>>> remembering the victims of a recent murder-su
of the local economy. we have more now on how this could impact all of us. >> with so much money off the table and billions of dollars out of the economy, and economists say everyone will feel the sting from sequestration if it does take effect, but especially the small businesses where profit margins are tight. >> a major investment in a new business just as the driving force of the local economy could take a big swipe out of spending. >> we're hoping we are not too effective but i guess we will see. >> it dream come true for several friends. >> we have taken a leap of faith in the academy. >> but right now, they fear an unpleasant reality. yearsa is a couple of into her own salon and 40% of her profits come from other than basic care cuts. she believes billions of dollars at the local economy will take a bite out of her business. >> i feel like it will effect us on a large scale. in neighborhoods where you hear a lot of shops, they rely on foot traffic and disposable income. >> a lot of people come through. this is a big area. >> across the region, construction is booming again. will there b
the board budget cuts. growing expectations of a eight- ripple effect to the economy especially here in our region if the deal is not reached between the white house and congress. leon panetta said the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers would be furloughed one day a week after 22 weeks. d.c. virginia, and maryland are expected to be hit the hardest. the impact on many of you in the private sector. >> brenman garay said he gets a lot of business from people who stay at nearby hotels on government related business. >> during that time there will be in two or three times a week. or more. >> if the 10% cuts go through he is worried what the impact will be on small businesses like his. >> of the will not be coming in town or there will be more for when they are here. >> the defense department announced a plan that would get our region harder than anyone else along with the rest of the federal cut sprayed it could have a devastating impact on the economy. >> it will have a big impact on travel. >> fewer passengers would use our local airports. and it would hurt car
coming from china are having devastating consequences on the u.s. economy. in short, u.s. investigators are accused china of economic espionage, of stealing research and design. this allows them to compete without stealing billions on innovation and product development. if this is true, americans should care because it's costing them countless jobs. they are calling this the biggest transfer of wealth in history. >> we saw one of a cyber pearl harbor. and the white house is preparing to take action. >> reporter: this week, they are announcing plans to help private companies in identifying and mitigating such attacks, george. >>> we're going to go to the white house, where president obama will appear later this morning, to warn against the next budget crisis that's coming fast. automatic spending cuts to hit every government program in just ten days. abc's jon karl has more on what we expect to hear from the president. good morning, jon. he's going to ratchet up the pressure on congress. >> reporter: he sure is. he's trying to shame congress to do something to replace the cuts. and this
the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ ♪
on maryland's economy. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is also a warning about the effects of the sequester. he has written to president obama asking him to keep his campaign pledge to avert automatic spending cuts. bob mcdonnell says virginia would feel the cuts more than any other state because a bid setting concentration of military assets. >> family and friends are looking for answers after a former marine died in a police involved shooting in alexandria. police went to a home on duke street on monday and ordered to investigate a domestic dispute. a witness told abc 7 news that when officers arrived, a man identified by family members as 30-year-old pat sellers had a gun and did not drop it. the witnesses then heard a gunshot and the man was dead. family and friends are stunned >> . it's like i'm dreaming. i am very numb. >> i know he did not cause any problems in alexandria. >> police say the officers involved in the shooting are on leave. detectives are piecing together what exactly happened. >> the mother of a toddler who was allegedly drowned by the father of its filing a lawsuit. t
. >> these cuts are not smart not there, they will honor its our economy, and hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roll. palooza their jobs. the-- people will lose their jobs. >> he felt initially that it would pressure congress, but now he says it's not an option. >> residents will get the chance to hear more about montgomery county's challenges, accomplishments, and future plans this evening when county executive gives his state of the congcounty address. >> that will be broadcast live on county's cable channel as well as on their web site. 4:50. jacqui says we need to have warm clothing today. >> bundle up. wind out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour. that will pickup to 25 miles an hour. it will be bitter cold today. like sunday. gaithersburg is 18 degrees and it feels like 16 in hagerstown. 26 in winchester. we are concerned with the temperature near freezing but there will be some slick spots. we have a few lake-effect snow showers moving along the mason- dixon line. don't be surprised if you get a few of those especially this morning. our next system in parts of texas
it will affect the economy, middle- class, and the small business. if a deal is not reached by march 1 the vast majority of the defense department's 800,000 civilian workers will be furloughed. virginia and maryland are two of five states expected to be hardest hit. it would have a big impact on travel. fewer passengers would use d.c. area airports and fewer people will take vacations this summer. >> today's the day you can start entering the lottery to get tickets for one of the most popular events in d.c. >> the annual white house easter egg roll, the ticket lottery started to cry a.m. this morning and will end on 10:00 february 25. >> in business news, is american or british dates for boeing. >> few americans are spending money now that paychecks are getting smaller. linda bell joins us with those stories and more. >> w know anyone spending less now that our paychecks are a little lighter? the payroll tax cut is leaving 70% of americans to cut back on spending. the national retail federation says many are delaying major purchases on items such as tv sets furniture, and cars. wal-mart is bla
. it's a concern because of what's going on generally in the economy and with households. a bit of a cash squeeze. the payroll tax came back. and tax refunds have been slower this year than last. and walmart's core customer spends whatever cash comes in. and that seems like it might be squeezing things. gasoline prices on the rise again. a lot of this is coming together. and a concern for the walmart customers. >> is this a walmart problem? or retail in general? >> it seems like walmart's on the front lines of this issue because of their customer base. it seems as if we have our alert pretty much sensitive right now to any weakness in the consumer because of the bigger picture factors that are beyond walmart. >> and the frustration coming up. that could put a damper on the economy. walmart will be releasing their earnings next week for the last quarter. but what does this say about executives? still not learning their lesson about what you can and can't say in e-mails? >> i'm not sure we're ever going to get around that. basically business right now is constructed for rapid resp
economy at risk just to protect a few special-interest tax loopholes that benefit only the wealthiest americans and big corporations? >> president obama was not the only one focusing on the sequester today. >> 3 county leaders from maryland met this morning to figure out what to do should the cuts go into effect. jummy olabanji joins us now. a lot of concern that the deadlines are coming quickly. >> absolutely. officials from montgomery prince george's, and howard county is in maryland say the time for congress to act is right now. they say on march 1 they will be hit with a financial storm like to know whether, if not. >> we don't need to wait to see this to start responding because of the potential that we see. this challenge israel right now. >> elected officials in maryland are not waiting for the other shoe to drop while their constituents livelihoods are at stake. >> these are actual folks who not able to pay their mortgage or teachers who will not get grants of housing vouchers. >> sequestration could mean big problems for the free state. marilyn as 130,000 federal workers whos
priorities right now. keeping the economy moving in a forward direction is where the focus should be. >> immigrants are a big part of why the u.s. is as successful as it is. >> immigration has long divided republicans and democrats. a bipartisan group is making progress towards compromise, which now seems in danger after plans from the white house leaked out. >> this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or he does -- or does he want to get political a bandage in the next election? >> it is not going to work. we will not be able to get the votes to pass in the house. >> the president's new chief of staff insist it was only meant as a backup if the bipartisan proposal stalls in the house or senate. >> he says it is dead on arrival. >> keep in mind that the bipartisan compromise is still a work in progress. there is no actual plan yet to unveil. the democrats say give it time, and republicans say there will be a link between illegal immigrants obtain green cards and tightening border security. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >
economy, local residents say more expensive meat means they may have to eat something else. >> if against pricier, i will eat more vegetables. >> vegetables could alsaffected. the agriculture department has warned of the cuts happen, there will be less money available for pest and disease prevention which could hit farmers hard with more out bricks to their crops. >> i am concerned about this. >> local residents shopping today say they are used to dysfunction in washington, just not when it reaches their dinner table. >> i guess somehow we would all be affected, but i never imagined it would be meet on my table. >> this is only one small part of the broad effect if the budget cuts take effect. president obama will take his message on the road to newport news, va., tuesday, and urged congress to come to a deal before any of this happens. >> changing gears, we are just one day away from the oscars. >> cynne simpson and r campbell are in los angeles for the big night in hollywood. -- and arch campbell are in los angeles for the big night in hollywood. are you enjoying the weather? >> it is n
to the white house last night after traveling to promote his plans for the economy, immigration and for gun control, as well. and after a long holiday weekend of golf in florida. today, the president will be back in the oval office. >>> and it's official. mississippi has abolished slavery. the state's legislature formally ratifying the constitution's 13th amendment in 1995. but the ratification document was never presented to the u.s. archivesi archivesist. it was discovered only after citizens saw the movie "lincoln," which just came out, and did some investigation. >> better late than never, i guess. slow but we get there. >>> coming up next, is walmart in trouble? leaked e-mails refer to the worst sales month ever. >>> then, it's our top story this morning. oscar pistorius back in court, as his sponsors now begin to drop her support. >>> and later in the show, would you have the guts to do that? >>> welcome back, everybody. recapping our breaking news this morning. prosecutors in south africa are accusing olympian oscar pistorius of premedicated murder in the killing of his girlfriend la
. >> dealing with sequestration. it has been called a meat cleaver that will hurt the economy. >> it will hurt our economy. it will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. people will lose their jobs. >> there could be a significant budget cuts. the national park service. it could affect some of our area's most iconic vacations. >> leon, i should tell you that park service officials are taking the possibility of sequestration very seriously. in fact, they released a statement today and the public should be ready for reduced hours and services at many popular locations. the storm clouds that moved over great falls today, perhaps an omen of dark days ahead for this national park, which the possibility of looming budget cuts. this is part of this man's daily routine. >> for someone like me who likes nature. >> sequestration, the massive budget cuts that go into effect in 10 days, call for the reduction in funding for the national park service, including great falls. the impact will be felt particularly hard in washington, d.c., the national park land. the budget to maint
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along, so delta rolled back the fare hike. airlines are worried about the economy and the effects of the american and u.s. airways big merger. >>> major distillery has heard your protests. mark's mark bourbon will not lower the alcohol content. beginning this morning, bottles will be back to 90 proof. the company heard thousands of bourbon drinkers. >>> the latest "died hard" movie lived well. "a good day to die hard" is the fifth install nmt the bruce willis action series that, believer it or not, began in 1988, 25 years ago. and sweetly, it took in $25 million over the weekend. "identity thief" right behind and "safe haven" in third. >>> coming up next on this monday, the shocking slap. an airline passenger hitting the toddler next to him. now he's out of a job. >>> and from kobe to king james, an all-stop wrap up from the nba opinion [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do
economy. prices are now rising at the fastest rate since 2005. and in washington, some $85 billion in spending cuts are due to take effect on march 1st, threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs, unless lawmakers can find a way to compromise. >>> and workers at apple, who long boasted their macs are immune to viruses, have filan victim to the hackers that hit facebook and twitter. the attack is traced to eastern europe. apple plans to release a software update for mac users. >>> and finally, she is at it again. a dramatic, new eruption at italy's mt. etna, sending a fountain of fire. one might even call it -- >> magma. >> -- shooting into the sky. experts say she may be entering a new period of increased activity. we want you to know how hard it was to book the tectonic plates for robin's return. we got it done. when that crossed the wires yesterday, there was hosanna. >>> oscar pistorius, back inside a south african court for the second day of his bail hearing. stunning details being released by police this morning. and bazi kanani with the latest from south africa. good morning,
to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ ♪ >> live and in hd, this is the abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> breaking tonight, a shocking development in a deadly fire that killed a four-year-old. police say that they will be fire a homicide and made an arrest. this comes days after the smoke and flames killed four-year-old samauri jenkins on 33rd street and southeast. live outside of the headquarters tonight with breaking developments. >> they are not saying what evidence led them to the arrest of the 36-year-old, but we know that he lived in the home specifically in the location where firefighters say the fire started. >> multiple sources telling abc seven the men charged with second-degree murder lived in the southeast home that burned. 36-year-old jerome lewis was the landlord, lived in the basement, and police say he is a distant relative of little samauri jenkins. they say early sunday morning three family members escaped and four others had to
. the economy that's already crippled, now it's costing them the equivalent of that much money. the u.n. now says war crime charges should be brought on both sides, the government and the rebels. so it's just something -- and we have to watch it from afar. >> we'll be right back after this. ♪ welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about ♪ >> that takes you back, doesn't it? of course, welcome back to robin roberts, taking her "gma" anchor seat. we watched as he turned her private health battle into a campaign for bone marrow transplants. >> four, three -- >> hi, it's robin. i have been waiting 174 days to say this. good morning, america. >> reporter: but no one could see in front of the camera what we saw behind the scenes. of a morning we'd all longed for. >> faith, family and friends have brought me to this moment. and i am so full of gratitude. >> reporter: a day of celebration after an arduous trek that began last june, when she first told us. >> it is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow. >> reporter: a few months later when we saw her in treatment, recei
the sequester would have a damaging impact on the maryland economy. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is also warning about the effects of the sequester. he has written to president obama, asking him to keep his campaign pledge to avert automatic spending cuts. he says virginia wind field the canucks more than any other state because of its heavy concentration of military assets. >> a top arlington county official plans to cut 50 county positions. the county manager barbara van dahlen says the cuts would reduce costs. -- barbara donnelon. some people may be moved to other vacant jobs. >> authorities say 37-year-old mindy mccready apparently shot herself on the front porch of her arkansas home. singer had several hits in the late 90's before personal problems, including a customer disputes -- in custody dispute. >> looking at the trayvon martin shooting. the wife of defendant george zimmerman is expected in court today in florida. shellie zimmerman is trying to have her perjury case dismissed. she was served after testifying in april at a bond hearing for our husband. she said they were broke.
and to the economy. you likely don't need us to point out the steep hike in gas prices. the average price of a gallon of gas, $3.68, two months straight now price hikes at the pump. want to bring in gma host bianna golodryga. >> look at the graphics. gas prices have been up 13 cents the past month, 42 cents. these price hikes, if they continue, will cost the average family nearly $400 in addition to what they already pay for the year. >> do we know why they're going up? >> they're going up because oil prices are going up. but this is not a typical time where you see a lot of demand. they are transitioning to different blends. but there's not one dleer answer as to why. >> you mentioned the blend. that usually happens spring to summer, will we see more hikes? >> that remains a concern. we usually see it before memorial day weekend, not president's day weekend. >>> now "usa today" reporting that illegal immigrants can become permanent residents. requiring businesses to check worker's stat us and providing more money for border security. i want to bring in reena ninan. we were talking last night and you
's up to 60 mpg. he does not miss his car. >> they should be going down, right? the economy is hurting right now. we cannot afford this. >> experts say they have never seen guys presses -- gotgas prices go up this much so early in the year. >> coming up, a mother speaks out after man is accused of slapping her 2-year-old child on a flight. her reaction and what happened to the suspect. >> a big break in the search for that meeting or that exploded in the skies over russia. >> the university of maryland student is >> friends are shedding new light on the university of maryland student stabbed to death of her homecoming weekend. >> police searched for the man responsible. brad ellis on campus for the latest. >> a very sad day out here at the university of maryland's eastern shore. this young man was very well known and very well liked. he leaves behind a girlfriend he was eight months pregnant. >> this is edmund st. claire performing under one of his stage names. his family says he loved music and he was also a serious student, who hoped to become a surgeon. >> he does more to prove a po
for the economy or ordinary people, but i don't know if they're going to move and that's what we're going have to keep trying to push over the next seven to eight days. and senator mcconnell said, three months after the election, president obama still prefers campaign events to common sense bipartisan action. not a whole lot of hope in those comments. >> it depends on who you listen to at this point. >> it's a mess either way. >>> moving on to this now. president obama meets at the white house today with japan's new leader, prime minister shinzo abe arrived in washington last night poised to discuss economic ties and security concerns. abe is also looking to reinforce the u.s.-japan alliance. he's the fifth japanese prime minister during president obama's time in office. >>> after a bitter political fight, chuck hagel now has enough votes to become the nation's next defense secretary. support from senator richard shelby put him over the top. shelby says "he's probably as good as we're going to get." a confirmation vote is expected next week. >>> let's just say up front here that the teen invol
economy and online competition, as well. six years ago, regulators blocked office depot and staples from merging because it would be too big. but there's more competition now from big box stores and from the inteternet, as well. office max, office depot. they're similar enough they can get together. >> staples could jump in there, too. if you were watching yesterday morning, we showed you a man who ran a marathon with two tires on his shoulders. >> next monday, this 9-year-old will run a full marathon in antarctica, and he's doing it for a good cause. >> he wants to run a marathon in all seven continents and he's raising money for operation warm which provides coats for underprivileged children. this is incredible. there's a sound bite where he says, all he wants to do is meet the penguins. >> that's rough terrain for that little dude. pack warmly, that's for sure. >> his dad is a doctor, his parents say that he's been checked out by sports analysts and doctors and his own pediatrician and he's running and all that wear and tear on your body. no problem at all. he's completely healthy. >
investigation in our top story. and also this morning, the costly computer crimes costing the american economy hundreds of billions of dollars a year. the fingers are pointing at china, as the white house today announces plans to fight the hackers. >>> and then -- this is crazy. why hand sanitizer is being singled out in a fire that severely burned an 11-year-old girl. wait until you hear how something so common turned into something so hazardous. you think you're doing the right thing, killing the germs, staying fresh, it's after the flu. and then something like that happens. that story is crazy. >> and where it happened is also crazy. you would think it's the safest place for an accident to not happen. >>> and later on, clyde davis, his tell-all book and a singing star who has a few choice words for him. that's coming up in "the skinny." >> he's having a little battle well a well-known singer. "nightline" revealed an interesting tidbit from his personal life. >> we'll get to all of that. >> all that dirt. >> oh, yeah. >>> but first, crews are working through the overnight hours at the scene
. house democrats leading a on house the will affect the economy. take effect on march 1 from left the white house and congress find a way to stop them. if they go through, the d.c. hard.ould be hit news channel 8 will have an in- depth report on the impact at the top of the hour. here is jamee whitten with what's happening on the roads. >> rock creek parkway, all lanes , athe southbound direction reported after beach drive merging onto the parkway. coming offis needed connecticut avenue. we have delays after the across thessing 110 14th street bridge. 395.ic cannot get to in springfield, a longstanding crash is gone. jacqui jeras has a look at the forecast. >> it's a beautiful day. on the chilly outside. very few clouds. we will see more sunshine than anything today. degrees. a wind chill of 18. 11 in hagerstown, 14 at dulles. culpeper feels like 20. mostly sunny today. be breezy. temperatures will make it in the 40's, but it will feel like 30. tomorrow we could steal little sleet mixing. >> thanks for joining us. sleet mixing. >>[ woman ] boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
't know what's going to happen. but what's the impact if sequestration happens? do you think the economy slows down? >> well, it will slow -- by all estimates, it will slow the economy down somewhat. there are differences among economists as to how much. but it will, of course, be contractionary and therefore it will slow growth, but there are a number of other things that are going on in economy that are pro-growth, so it will have a negative impact but there are other prgrowth elements which can be very helpful. >> it sounds like you're not that worried. >> i am worried because it does cause concern that we can't agree on the kinds of rational policies to deal with our problems and we have to revert to something that no one really wants, but they can't reach an agreement on something positive to avoid this kind of thing. >> the good news is that ththis economy is growing, the u.s. economy. >> i think the u.s. economy is recovering. the job is recovering. the energy boom is helpful. the housing market has bottomed out and beginning to pick up. balance sheets, consumer balance sheetsz, b
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